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Women in Digital Economy

Digitalisation • „The Human Factor” • LEADERSHIP in times of change

Skills. Empowerment. Employment.

That was the message and the topic of the event
11th BPW Danube Net Businesswomen Forum 2017
organized by BPW Danube Net.

Many highly-clear and high-profile speakers addressed this topic:

  • Ing. Karin Gerbrich spoke the KeyNote for this event:
    Digitalisation, The Human Factor, Leadership in times of change.
    (the corresponding presentation can be found here)
  • Dipl. Ing. Rudolf Schicker, the only male speaker on this day, spoke about European Union Danube Strategy, Priority Area 10 „Institutional Capacity & Cooperation”.
  • Marta Turk, Director of the Ljubljana Chamber of Commerce and Industry, spoke about  „Innovation” and the power of women in innovation.
  • and there were many other female speakers, as well as many discussions...

Among many other things we learned again, that female power leads the world! Many patents are held by men. But were this things also invented by men? Maybe the inspiration came from women. And for sure: the improvements and to make it useable mostly came from women!

We learned:
We do not have to do it first, we just have to do it better!
And that is a female starch – for sure!
Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe tought us the three-letter-word to success:
ACT – just do it.

In the diskussions I said (among other things):
We have no reason to fear change! The recipe for success is:
Release obsolete and outdated, then in our minds there is room for change and something new.

I would like to thank BPW for the invitation and the order to speak the keynote at this event. It was a great day full of power and strenght.

The day endet with a Gala Dinner at the Grand Hotel Vienna, I had many conversations there with many power women from all over the world...